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Escape to the island is unbelievable because it's real.

How many times you kept talking to yourself — I want to drop everything and fly away!

Well, we are against escaping — comfortable living and working on a paradise island in the company of soulmates — it is our way of life all over the world.
Smena station on Koh Phangan Island is a classic way of wintering: gorgeous nature, fabulous infrastructure within the asian style and local business, lovely houses for 2−4 people located on a private stretch of lush greenery, breathtaking waterfalls and a large open area in the ecologically clean district of Chalok Lam. And the community by itself, of course, Smena will get together professionals from different areas to exchange experiences, to get productive mastermind sessions, to establish strong friendships and to create common projects.

Be careful of what you desire! Phangan is famed for being a magical island, every tourist will confirm it. This fairy tale offers an incredible diving, wild nature, a herbal bath (me and Anastasia, we have been recalling it quite often), everything for yogis, the deep blue ocean and the world famous parties right through the night and into the dawn (reaching on a boat).
Over the past ten years, the island has become a mecca for those who choose freedom, success and development. These people create the local community. We offer you to become part of it, to live as a local and to make finally up your mind — do I want to stay on the island?
Our Station
Chalok Lam, Koh Phanghan

We are located:

  • 8 minutes walk to the shop 7/11 and to the centre of Chaloklum district;
  • 10 minutes walk to the beach (mecca of divers and dive schools);
  • 1 minute walk to a good café and coffee;
  • 1 minute walk to the Archery Training Center;
  • 7 minutes walk to the waterfall in the jungle;

The territory and the houses are equipped with comfortable workplaces, several Wi-Fi hot spots.
Beach, shops and cafes are located in a walking distance. Moreover, there are the archery
training centre and excellent coffee shop just in a couple of minutes.
Among other things, for the convenience of participants, it is possible to rent scooters, bicycles
and other equipment.
Of course, there is better price, so you do not have to spend time bargaining with the locals.
Smena's schedule
Smena's schedule:
07.07 – acroyoga
08.45 – breakfast together
09.15 – swimming to the opposite island
12.00 – lecture «How to overcome procrastination» by one of the participant
13.00 – free time
18.00 – surfing at sunset
19.30 – dinner together
22.00 – evening activity on the beach
23.00 – only quiet games
Here you will be told where:
  • The cheapest and delicious Pad Thai
  • Take a hammam with herbs after a working day at Smena
  • The best places for diving and snorkeling
  • Where you shouldn't swim and shouldn't go barefoot
  • Those famous parties till dawn and how to get there
  • Find your own happiness (a joke, you will figure it out on arrival)
How to apply?
Cost of participation
Smena station is a nonprofit project.
As for financial part, we use the principle of radical transparency. It means that we pool resources to improve the standard of living.
The collective fee of each participant is $ 350 for three weeks, as for couples — 600.
The budget of project is divided by the participants.
What does the fee consist of?
The fee consists of:
 — Single bed in a double room
 — Sim card with unlimited internet
 — Picking up at Samui, ticket for ferry to Pangan and transfer to Smena
 — house rent, internet and cleaning service once per week;
 — compensation of time for preparation and organization of — Smena;
 — curators' wage
 — communal needs
 — $ 50 Smena development contribution
How do we select participants?
1. You fill out the application form
2. We make 15 minutes video call to get acquainted
3. We will arrange the date of arrival
4. You contribute $ 50 to book a place
Normally we respond to the application within a week, sometimes earlier.
Participation criteria

We will gladly accept you, if you:

  • Share the value of the community;
  • Older than 18 years;
  • You are making a project that you are proud of;
  • You have a remote job or you want to start it up;
  • You can make your own visa, insurance and buy tickets;
  • Ready to pass 3 weeks at Smena;
  • You can hold a workshop or a lecture for participants;
  • Ready to pass the interview in English.
The dates of sessions
10.10.17 till 30.10.17
31.10.17 till 20.11.17
21.11.17 till 11.12.17

You can stay longer or book a separate room. Just mention it in the application form.
Team #smenathai
Dima Kotkis
Creator www.mojo-working.ru
The initiator of Smena in Thailand — Dima Kotkis.
Dima owns the web agency www.mojo-working.ru and opens another project www. mojo-models.com, aimed at the Asian market.
He has lived in Thailand for the last 5 years, and he has not seen the snow since his life in Japan.
Dima is one of those people who constantly energizes other. Ask him a question, you are most likely to receive in response an inspirational quote that you will cherish the rest of the day. As for Dima, he will delight a fresh track, which he will include in the next DJ set.
He believes that the most important thing in your life is a family and they must enjoy every day.
If you are supposed to fall asleep at 12 o’clock, but its already 2 am and you are still discussing a real estate investment project, while half of Smena people is buying tickets for Samui, so then there is only one guilty person — Dima Kotkis
Sverchkov Artem
Supply manager in Thailand.
When Artem was over thirty he decided that it is time to stop hanging down in Russia. This is a moment to change snow and the puddles to the palms and the ocean. He moved to Thailand and now helps with the launch of new Smena Station.
Romantic, linguist, jack of all trades. He speaks English and French. In the past, Artem run the Visa Center in Nizhny Novgorod. In the present, he actively develops author's travel services in Koh Samui, Thailand.
Arteme insanely adores kittens and beautiful landscapes. And if there is no problems with the nature, but he can fill the gaps by taking care of the Smena people #smenathai.
Why did we choose Koh Phangan?
The magic atmosphere of Koh Phangan Island, where desires take shape
Walking distance to the ocean
The opportunity to become local on the island immediately after arrival.
Productive everyday life in a convenient space and hotspot WI FI
No tourist bulls * it!
Schedule that helps focus on work and evolving
Is it possible to come for a shorter/ longer period?
No, Smena has a program and you must arrive and leave the house according to the schedule.
Can you meet me at the airport?
No, but you can get to the house by taxi or by public transport.
What should I bring with me?
We provide with bed linen, but not towels. Do not forget to take everything you need for work, traveler's insurance and suncream — it's lovely hot here. You can always buy other necessary stuff in the store nearby, but if you need something special (like contact lenses), bring it with you.
Can I go with a friend / relative/ in couple?
Yes if only he / she also applies and is selected.
Is it possible to come with a pet?
Mark it in the application form, we will try do our best! (Your pet doesn't need to fill out another application form).
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