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Life in Malta, help in Africa!

During the Station in Sri Lanka there arose the idea to create joint project and volunteering within the Smena (high introductory level, you know). As the Station is created by Smena-people and all thoughts will certainly be materialized — was born #smenamalta.

By combining efforts with Internet Nation we chose Ghana — a country in Northwest Africa, as a platform for implementation. Within three weeks, along with nine other professionals and freethinkers you will realize the idea aimed at raising the standard of living in this country in addition to your projects. Moreover, upon completion of the project promising concepts can get funding and your friendly team will continue to work remotely outside the Smena. And all this in close interaction with carefully selected people who share your views.
Key features of the project
  • Free accommodation in a like-minded community of innovators;
  • Participation in an international project;
  • Testing your work in a remote team with the possibility to cooperate on personal projects afterwards;
  • Living a Digital Nomad lifestyle in Malta;
  • Practice English and communicate with locals and foreigners;
  • Proven tools for effective work;
  • Smena's community support Worldwide;
  • Opportunity to get funding for your personal projects;
  • Charity mission and helps Africa.
Which projects might Ghana need?
Most of the exports are raw materials, while 75% of the population is literate, knows English and uses the Internet. The possibility of obtaining funding through the Internet Nation for promising ideas implemented in the framework of the project, makes Ghana a good target for volunteering within #smenamalta.
Examples of projects
  1. Help in the creation and popularization of resources that tell and show life in Ghana, its beauty and its problems.
  2. Distance learning of Ghanian people (including conducting of individual courses/groups) on a wide range of professions / skills (transfer of own experience).
  3. Creation of modern community on the territory of Ghana.
  4. Development and creation of functional websites designed to improve and simplify the life in Ghana.
  5. Small business ideas that can be implemented in Ghana, both local and with access to international market.
The system of relationships is at the heart of the community. Your social network represents a long-term interest for you.
Find out your community — that is the purpose. It will prolong your life and spice up your time.
Our Station
The station takes the quiet corner in Meliõhi — one of the most beautiful and clean beach of Malta. The house is located on the cliff from where you can overlook the seaside. Inside of the house there are several bedrooms and toilets, fully equipped kitchen, work area, wide veranda with the view to the gulf, swimming pool with sun loungers and parking. Internet Nation also provides to all participants several bikes to travel around the island.

Shops, cafe and beach are in walking distance.
Fast and stable Wi-Fi.

Accommodation in rooms for 2−3 people (boys and girls separately).
Approximate timetable
07.07 — Sport activity
08.45 — Common breakfast
09.00 — Free time
12.00 — Participant’s workshop (45min + 15min)
13.00 — Lunch — time
14.00 — Common work on the project
16.00 — Free time
19.30 — Sunset and dinner together
23.00 — Only quiet games at the Station
Team #smenamalta
Ilya Alexandrov
Founder of "Internet Nation", architect
Founder of "Internet Nation", architect, master of sword fighting an alumni of Smena in Sri Lanka.

Ilya believes everyone has a superpower and it has given us to use it. Exactly that's why he decided to combine the efforts of Internet Nation and Smena Station and direct it for the charity.

"People on the earth are not competitors, but partners. Our life depends on how this partnership will be done".

Our purpose is to show to the world that modern technologies can remotely improve life of people in another country.

Projects that will be implemented in Malta are based on learning technologies in distance supported by technologies and the Internet Nation platform.
"Bonjour, Adventures!" channel author
People at Smena are amazing kaleidoscope, each of them is an ocean of intensive creativity and inspiring ideas. People who are so sincere, open and sensitive are not easily found! Artyom was advised by his friend to join Smena and adapted it so well that became the project administrator. He taught the guys how to make great videos and vlogs. He is being already doing that for more for five years. Have a look at "Bonjour, Adventures!" (https://www.youtube.com/user/urfjuice) Youtube channel about travelling and discoveries.

Artyom's history is full of romantics because he was inspired to travel by his passions of freedom and life. The courageous traveller is on his way for about several years and could make friends from all over the world and learn several languages. Artyom is a very mobile guy, gladly embracing all the new things and readily available to help others. He is a great one to learn from!

"Be simple and life will render everything for turning your dream true, follow your soul desire under liberty flag!"
Why Malta?
В твоём распоряжении одни из лучших дайв спотов в мире. В особенности - затонувшие корабли и трофеи времён Второй Мировой.
Мелиха, где располагается Станция - лучший пляж на острове, с тёплой водой и золотым мягким песком.
Мягкий климат и вид на море из окна - идеальные условия для продуктивных и счастливых дней.
Вкусная кухня, впитавшая в себя традиции востока и запада, свежие продукты в любое время года.
Крепости Мальтийского ордена, старые города, интересные музеи - здесь все дышит историей.
Виндсёрфинг, кайтсерфинг, гидроциклы, яхтинг - все в десяти минутах езды от Станции.
What is you project goal?
The goal is to apply your remote professional skills in collaboration with other Smena-people for improvement the quality of life in Ghana and creating new jobs.
Do I need to know English?
At the moment we are planning Russian speaking group for our first station (from August 8). Then we plan to set up international teams with English as a working language.
Do I need visa to visit Malta?
Malta is in Schengen zone so you have to have a valid visa for the your visit period. Unfortunately we don’t provide any visa support but it’s made within 3−5 days. The answers for most of your questions you can easily get at Wikipedia.
Do you have fast Internet?
Yes, but in order to prevent network overload we request not to download big files and not to use torrents (especially because it’s also illegal). You better download youre favorite show beforehand so that we can watch it together. =)
Will I stay alone?
You will share the room with one or two same-gender participants. If you are a couple you will get a separate room.
What facilities are available?
Several bathrooms with hot water, fully furnished kitchen with all you need, spacious working zones, outdoor pool and a million worth nature view.
Is it necessary to submit a project?
No, but the good idea will show your motivation and possibly will change lives of thousands of Ghanaians. Isn’t it worth to give a try?
Should I present a lecture or workshop as it was previously?
Yes, knowledge sharing is an inherent distinctive feature of Smena. You will get valuable knowledge from others and will be able to practise your public speaking skills.
If my project is accepted does it mean I am being taken to Smena?
No, you need meet other selection criteria as well.
Will we manage the project we submitted?
Not necessarily. But if you are a good manager, it’s quite possible.
May I come for the shorter/longer period?
No, Smena has an arranged program so everybody needs to join and leave the station at the same time (however, we can sometimes work around one or two days).
Can you meet me in the airport?
No, but you can arrive by taxi or public transportation.
What should I bring with me?
We provide with bed linen, but not towels. Do not forget to take everything you need for work, traveler's insurance and suncream's lovely hot here. You can always buy other necessary stuff in the store nearby, but if you need something special (like contact lenses), bring it with you.
May I take my partner/friend/relative?
Yes if s/he meets application and admission criteria and either applies on his\her own or answers the questions within your application.
May I take my pet?
Please indicate in the application and we'll try our best! Pet doesn't need another application)
General issues
For convenience, we have collected all answers to the most common questions here.
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