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Smena station —
co-working, co-living,

Our lifestyle is a busy day on a paradise island in a beautiful house, a company of like-minded people, successful projects and a productive remote job.
Our main value is to surround ourselves with people who share our values and actively interact with them.
We are successful because:

  • We know why we get up in the morning, we set goals and achieve them;
  • We practice natural physical activities — walking, hiking, biking and surfing;
  • We allocate time for adventure and entertainment;
  • We eat healthy and tasty food from local fishermen and farmers, we cook dinner for everybody;
  • We love what we do.
The system of relationships is at the heart of the community. Your social network represents a long-term interest for you.
Find out your community — that is the purpose. It will prolong your life and spice up your time.
Our Station
The very first Smena station was launched in Sri Lanka in 2017. Since then we have changed a few houses and settled in a beautiful villa with amazing garden in Weligama.
Smena station contains:
 — 6 simple and comfortable rooms;
 — large kitchen with all necessary stuff;
 — toilets and showers;
 — spacious working areas;
 — garden with bananas, coconuts and lovely monkeys.

There are two people of the same gender in the room. As for couples we allocate a separate room.
Station's schedule
07.07 — morning exercise
08.45 — breakfast together
09.15 — swimming to the opposite island
12.00 — lecture "How to overcome procrastination" by one of the participant
13.00 — free time
18.00 — surfing at sunset
19.30 — dinner together
22.00 — evening activity on the beach
23.00 — only quiet games
How to apply?
Cost of participation
Smena station is a nonprofit project.
Each member contributes $ 250 for three weeks as a fair share to support the project.
It will help us to start new Stations around the world!
What does the fee consist of?
The fee consists of:
 — house rent, internet and cleaning service once per week;
 — compensation of time for preparation and organization of Smena;
 — communal needs;
 — Smena development contribution;
Application process
1. You fill out the application form.
2. We schedule a 15 minutes video call to get acquainted
3. You confirm your trip with $100 deposit (a part of total contribution).
4. We're waiting for your arrival at Smena Station in Weligama =)
Normally we respond to the application within three business days, sometimes earlier.
Am I a good fit?

We will gladly accept you, if you:

  • Share the value of the community;
  • Older than 18 years;
  • You are making a project that you are proud of;
  • You have a remote job or you want to start it up;
  • You can make your own visa, insurance and buy tickets;
  • Ready to pass 3 weeks at Smena;
  • You can hold a workshop or a lecture for participants;
  • Ready to pass the interview in English.
The dates of sessions
01 — 17.10.17 till 06.11.17
02 — 07.11.17 till 27.11.17
03 — 28.11.17 till 18.12.17
04 — 19.12.17 till 01.01.18 two weeks
05 — 02.01.18 till 15.01.18 two weeks
06 — 16.01.18 till 05.02.18
07 — 06.02.18 till 26.02.18
08 — 27.02.18 till 19.03.18
09 — 20.03.18 till 09.04.18
10 — 10.04.18 till 30.04.18
Why did we choose
Sri Lanka?
Friendly people, safety and clean streets (in comparison with many other asian countries), allow you to relax completely.
A rich culture absorbed Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and local customs. So you do not have minute to get bored.
Fresh fruits and vegetables, coconuts and unique local cuisine (similar to Indian), fresh fish and the availability of any products.
A small (but constantly increasing) flow of tourists allows you to find a secret corner, and start up your own business or get a job as a volunteer in a local nonprofit organisation.
We are in love with sunsets over the sea, waves and surf. Sri Lanka is one of the best spots in the world both for the beginners and advanced surfers. Sunken ships and reefs are available even for the beginner divers.
The nature of Sri Lanka is gorgeous. Elephants, sea turtles (you can swim with them in the ocean), lizards in the garden, exotic birds singing in the morning, coral reefs.
Is it safe in Sri Lanka? Is there malaria? Intestinal bacillus? Snakes? ISIS? Tamil Tigers?!
We have never faced with anything mentioned above.
What a relief! It’s such a weight off my mind. And what do I do there?
Well, apart from the busy days at Smena, where, according to our idea, you will spend most of the time living and working (on your own projects, do not forget this is co-working space) Lanka is a real paradise for the traveler.
Great! What can I do there?
Well, in addition to intense Smena, where you will spend a lot of time, live and work (on your projects — it is co-working, don't forget) there is a paradise for travelers!
How to get to your house in Sri Lanka?
We recommend you to travel by public transport. It always helps to understand better the culture of any country and to feel its authentic part. We will send you detailed instructions after agreeing your participation.
Is it possible to come for a shorter / longer period?
No, Smena has the program and you must arrive and leave the house according to the schedule. However, if you have a special case send us a message and we will take a look at it!
Can you meet me at the airport?

No, but you can get to the house by taxi or by public transport.
What should I bring with me?
We provide with bed linen, but not towels. Do not forget to take everything you need for work, traveler’s insurance and suncream’s lovely hot here. You can always buy other necessary stuff in the store nearby, but if you need something special (like contact lenses), bring it with you.
Can I go with a friend / relative/ in couple?
Yes if only he / she also applies and is selected.
Is it possible to come with a pet?
Mark it in the application form, we will do our best! (Your pet doesn't need to fill out another application form).
General issues
For convenience, we have collected all answers to the most common questions here.
Moments of #smenalanka
More bright moments on our hasgtag #smenalanka in Instagram.
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