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Smena Station
Peer-led community of like-minded professionals and a network of co-livings where we live, work and learn.
A rigorous interview process allows us to blend successful people from around the globe creating life-long professional and personal connections.
Smena's activities are a balance between work and leisure. We give you the tools to increase efficiency by providing a fully functional working environment.
We combine our resources to raise the living standards of every member. We create comfortable living and working conditions in the most exciting parts of our planet.

Make interesting decisions and you will have interesting biography - James Altoucher
Smena Tools
Members share their feelings and emotions to be on the same page. This is a useful habit for personal growth and mindfulness.
Life/Work Balance
To slow down the pace of life starting Friday evening and until the sunset on Saturday it's the Station's tradition to abandon work and chill or travel together.
The power of collective intellect allows members to solve problems and obtain a new perspective on each others' projects
Co-living and dinners
Allow members to share theri values, make lifetime friends and become a team
Sharing knowledge within the community is a cornerstone of our philosophy. The best things in the world are not sold but gifted to each other
3 minutes for elevator pitch and 2 minutes for questions for each member during an open event every two weeks
Dragon Dreaming
What needs to happen at Smena so that would you admit that it was a time well spent
Goal setting
A tool for achieving your goals, whether it's a session, quarter or your whole life
A stranger is a friend that I haven’t met yet.
Live like a local, evolve like a pro
Each and every Smena is unique but united by core values of the project
There is only one success — to be able to spend your life in your own way. — Christopher Morley
About Smena
Master of international space law (retired), marketer, creator of ByeByeBadBoss, and Turbomasala, entrepreneur, speaks English, Chinese and French
A graduate of Psychological faculty of MSU, professional photographer and videographer, fashionista and creator Turbomasala. leads team-building and storytelling workshops.
Nikita Kuimov
Anastasia Klimova-Kuimova
Where is it all coming from?
We have spent the last 8 years traveling. Our trips averaged from one to six months in each country, exploring its traditions, residents and nature. Modern tourism has become a fast food that reflect trends in society: a couple days of low quality and artificial experiences and cheap souvenirs destroying the culture and environment of the region.

We chose to make our trips longer that required a complete revision of our routine. We base our income on seasonal business and remote work. This has released us from a pointless commute each morning and unreasonably expensive rent. We added volunteering and work exchange to the creation of a system where 90% of the time we don't spend any money for staying in the country. Moreover, everything that we earn we invest in development of new projects and ideas.

Volunteering allows us to see travel from a new perspective. Each day consists of interaction with new cultures, development and learning. We believe that because we paying forward without expecting anything in return, we get a lot — the moment we send a signal to the Universe, it hears us.

In order to enrich our travels, we made a conscious decision to avoid tourist traps. We understood that travel shouldn't destroy the balance of nature and shouldn't intrude into the life of locals. So we strive to become locals ourselves. The question "where" slowly evolved into "with whom" and "why".

Developing technology provides people with the freedom to work remotely. Being chained to an office is no longer a necessity for success. The addition of like minded co-thinkers will facilitate the achievement of your goals. We created a co-living and co-working environment bringing together interesting and purposeful people who are ready to give without expecting anything in return. Burning Man taught us that a society based on the laws of kindness and beauty is not only real, but attainable. We invested our own money to create the first Smena in Sri Lanka — and we're proud to say that the project still thrives to this day.
Our mission
We are offering a new format of life and productivity not only for people working remotely, but also for those who have ever desired to do so. A chain of hubs around the world (Sri Lanka, Malta, Thailand, Montenegro, Russia, USA) supporting our core values: joint creativity, authentic experiences, productivity non-dependent on geography and an array of views and directions. For Smena, life experience outweighs monetary possession.
A skill of choosing one's community is a skill of someone who is ready to take responsibility for the state of his soul. © Julianna Wilson
You are the 5 people you are spending most time with.

Make interesting decisions and you will have interesting biography - James Altoucher
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